What is being piloted?

We are developing a 4-week pilot that helps children and their families make meaningful Moments. What is a Moment? They are where understanding and trust are built between a caregiver and a child.

Moments can be short or long, indoor or outdoor: what makes a Moment is that everyone is focused on a joint task, interacting consciously and valuing each other’s thoughts and input.

Most importantly, making Moments together with people you care about - and who care about you- has the beneficial side effect of laying the foundation for character traits and other knowledge to be transferred, either via stories of the past or new adventures.


How do I join?

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What are the intended outcomes?

Have Fun

First and foremost, we want you and your child to have fun doing the activities. You can think of the activities as just the outside shell of an airplane: it’s up to you to start the engines & pilot it.


We want you and your child to talk to each other. A lot. Talk about how to figure the activity out, what they thought about the activity, and let the conversation take you where it will. It almost doesn’t matter what the topic is, as long as it’s a two-way conversation where you both listen attentively and focus on hearing each other’s perspectives.



Hopefully the activities and discussions will give you the mental space (and literal time in your busy day) to do what you do best as a parent: notice things about your child, how they are changing and growing and what you appreciate about who they are becoming. (You might notice things about yourself in the process too!)