Autumn 2017 Workshops: Singapore


October 2017

Our first Singapore workshops kicked off this autumn in partnership with local children's bookstore My Imagination Kingdom!

Over the course of 5-weeks we covered the themes of ART, KNOWLEDGE, COMMUNITY and FRIENDSHIP, including questions like:

  • How do you know who is a friend and who is not? Do your friends have to be the same as you?
  • What makes a drawing more or less "good"?  Do drawings need to be accurate in order to be good? Do other people need to like your drawing for it to be considered good?
  • Is it ok to act differently than other people in your community?  What are the pros and cons of acting as an individual and potentially going against the grain?
  • How do you know things?  Do you have to discover things personally to really "know" them or can you just believe what other people tell you? 

A thank you to My Imagination Kingdom for hosting us! Stay tuned for new workshops in 2018.