Explore some of the DIY materials we’ve put together for you and your family:

8 Character Building Games for Family Bonding

Note: We recommend doing these in order (from 1 to 8 chronologically) as each short lesson builds on the one before. Each game lasts 15-30 mins and are currently all in English. Space them out and do one a week, or do a few during visits to grandma and grandpa!

Game 1: Patterns - work on traits like fairness and respect

Game 2: Partner Drawing - work on traits like empathy, reflection and communication

Game 3: Outdoor Symmetry - work on traits like resourcefulness and collaboration

Game 4: Reading Feelings - work on traits like observing, empathy and curiosity

Game 5: Adopt A Tree - work on traits like observing, empathy, and respect

Game 6: Invisible Fears - work on traits like honesty, respect and courage

Game 7: “French Roast” Film Night - work on traits like respect, curiosity and reasoning

Game 8: Make My Passport - work on traits like reflection, humility and humility


Quick Guide to Nurturing Inquiry

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For Gratitude & Empathy

How to Do Gratitude Journals

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