In today's world, it's easy to get stuck on the boundaries that divide us. 
It's easy to focus on short-term gains. It's convenient to care only about yourself.  
Avoiding this takes empathy. It takes effort. It takes character.  

We are character educators.

We work to cultivate the best of human qualities - empathy, curiosity and creativity - in order to ensure that future communities are equipped with the talent and resources to face global challenges with confidence, resilience and collective optimism.


Kigumi (木組み)


Kigumi is the Japanese woodworking technique in which joints are held together by complementary forces, without the use of nails or adhesives.

We believe a person's character should be like kigumi: a balanced, interwoven set of forces that stand upright on their own merit, without artificial bonding.  The conjoined qualities of a person, when recognised and expressed through their actions, create a strong, unified whole.